The year 2020 left me confused and angry, I ended the year with tears and bitterness, but God stepped in. I never prioritized the role of mental health until I came face to face with a situation that almost destroyed my happiness.

April 2020, I took a job that affected my mental health. My life was in chaos, and every day, I asked myself why I had taken this job. Let me not spill all the juice yet.

I shared this story on the latest episode of the Naked with Onome podcast. As the year ends, I want you to know that you are a big deal, and it is okay to take a step back to restrategize.

Nothing is worth losing your mental health over.

Thank you for sticking with me and for believing in me. It means a lot to me.

Let’s do more in 2022!

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Life comes in ways we don’t expect and sometimes the only words you can speak is tears.

I met Damilola Agboola recently, we were in a programme and we were talking about pains, she raised her hands and said she has a story to share. By the time Damilola and her husband were done sharing their story, we were all moved.

Her story was emotional and I knew in that instant she had to share her story on Naked with Onome Podcast. The Lord had been speaking to me about starting a series on sharing testimonies and I have been struggling because I am in my season of pain but after interviewing Damilola I knew that God has better plans for me and this podcast is blessing me.

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Thank you for listening.