Today is my birthday, but it’s not any other birthday, it’s my 30th. I still can’t believe I’m thirrtyyyy! Jesu saanu (Lord have mercy), lol. I decided to visit my blog because I have a lot to tell you. I graduated from university at 22 When we were asked where we saw ourselves in 5 years, I had two answers: to be on the Forbes list and to work for Tyler Perry as an actress and script writer.

Boy, I have come a long way. I really tried, but God had bigger plans. I never gave up on the Forbes list until last year, when I clocked 29. The truth is that I am not yet where I want to be, I still want to be a New York bestselling author, and I still want to fly my parents for an all-expense-paid trip to Paris.

I asked myself the other day, “Onome, do you think you are impacting lives?” I wish I could tell you I have an answer, but I don’t. I have spent the past two years building and spending time with my family. I am grateful for the gift of family and friends.

I am writing this to remind you that it’s okay to rewrite the vision. If you ask where I want to be in the next 5 years, it will be living a very comfortable life, raising my babies, and loving my husband. I still want to be a New York Times bestselling author, speak at TedWomen, and be a blessing to millions of people worldwide.

I am grateful that God redirected my life and gave me peace. I was not ready for fame, and I’m on that path where God is preparing me for a beautiful future. I was speaking with my mom, and she reminded me about trusting God with our future. I will always say this, and it is a fact: God is a responsible father!

I didn’t make the Forbes list, but I’m in the centre of God’s will, I am aligned! The best gift you can give me today is to write me an email at onomebadawrites@gmail.com. Let me know if I have ever made you happy, and let me know if I have ever impacted your life. I want to spend today reading your email and laughing so hard.

I dreaded 30s for so many reasons, but I am finally at peace, and honestly, I am excited about living my dreams and becoming the woman God has made me to be. 30s Onome is ready for you! The hashtag for today is #30&thriving

I have some news to share, but I will do that in another article.

Thank you for being a part of my life.
Let’s live life to the fullest! Party and celebrate on my behalf because God is good.

Your friend and sister,
New York bestselling author,

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