My dream in year 30 is to live the best life possible and become a New York Times bestselling author. Scratch that, I want to impact lives. I wrote a new book, and this is not just any other book, it’s a book about motherhood.

When I had my daughter, Reyna, I knew nothing about motherhood. I relied on Google and asked so many questions, I followed different pages on social media, and I did a lot of trial and error. One year and a few months later, there are so many things I wish I did not struggle with. I decided to write about that book I wish I read.

The book is titled “The Clueless Mom.” It’s a tell-it-all guide about motherhood. It talks about post-partum, taking care of a newborn, teething hacks, and starting solids, and my best part is that I shared 15 recipes you can try for your baby.

My husband wrote the foreword and shared his experience of becoming a dad. This book is for first-time moms and dads, mothers who are looking to start solids and anyone who enjoys reading. I shared my experience with raising my daughter.

This book is worth it. It is available for pre-order today at a 50% discount. The book will be available for download on the 30th of September.

You can pre-order the clueless mom here.

I look forward to reading your reviews!

Thank you!

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