Let me start by saying pregnancy is a beautiful experience, and I think it should be compared to having a cultural shock. One minute you are surprised, and the next minute, you adjust. I know I said getting pregnant was not in my plan for 2021, but the truth was that I had battled with fear for a long time. Fear that I would never get pregnant, I was always worried when I had any health challenge. I would cringe when anyone teased me about pregnancy because it was a major fear. I will share the whole story of how I overcame this fear and how God gave us this miracle in my next podcast episode; please don’t miss it.

This was me in Month 1

You know how Nollywood prepares you for pregnancy. When you see someone running to the toilet to vomit then you know she is pregnant. Errhm, in my case, nothing prepared me for the morning sickness and throwing up. I became so pale and tired. The minute I eat, I must throw up. I did not like myself. Well, I lost my job this month, so I don’t have to go to the office (you can read the full gist here). I stayed in bed. I tried doing my regular duties, but I got tired easily. Forget all the English. There is nothing fun about throwing up and morning sickness. I watched myself fall in love with that yellow crackers biscuit. The biscuit they cannot dash me on a normal day; nonsense and ingredient. My husband did not understand how I was feeling; uncle turned it to spiritual warfare, he would pray and expect me not to vomit again, but no, it’s like it became worse. I had zero energy, and I was gradually losing weight.

When next you see a pregnant woman, please render some support because mehn this journey is not easy. The worse part was that I couldn’t pray. I just wanted to be in bed all day.

Praying was hard, but I made sure I talked to God because there were days the devil brought thoughts to my head that I would not carry this pregnancy to the end, but my strength was in God. I won’t sugarcoat and tell you it was easy. It was not easy. I would spend some mornings crying after throwing up. It was so painful watching my husband cook, and then I vomited it. It was an experience, but looking back, it was all worth it.

The beautiful thing about month one was doing a scan; even though the baby was not so visible and I couldn’t see anything, the feeling was surreal. It was so beautiful to see life growing inside of me. I still wasn’t so happy because morning sickness was not joking.

Let’s meet tomorrow as I tell you all about month 2.