This was a very dramatic month; I felt I would die at some point. The vomiting increased, and I had to visit the hospital. I was told I couldn’t register for antenatal until week 12 or 13, which was after month 3. The doctor ran some tests, and they discovered I had an infection.

I felt like crying; you mean, I  have an infection with all I’m going through. The doctor said they found some blood in my urine, so they had to place me on antibiotics immediately. The two weeks I spent using antibiotics was terrible. I was losing weight terribly because I couldn’t eat anything.

My mini birthday party

It was this same month I had my birthday. My husband had a lot planned out, but unfortunately, I was not in good shape. I had lost a lot of weight, so I looked terrible. I couldn’t eat anything; all the food he got for me couldn’t stay in my stomach. I felt for my husband because he got my birthday party all figured out.

I spent my mornings crying because the infection made me itchy and my stomach hurt. Using the drugs was worse, and I just couldn’t wait for everything to go away. I was not even interested in praying. I felt so lonely because I had no pregnant friend around me.

Pregnancy can be a very lonely journey; please, if you can find a young mother around you that you can trust, talk to her. I remember speaking to a friend whose baby was just one year old. Shout out to you, Mary Oladapo. This lady helped me stay calm and shared her experience with me. After listening to her story, I knew I was not alone but all along, I was silently praying for another friend in Nigeria because Mary is in London.

Well, vomiting took a severe turn, and I couldn’t keep food in my stomach at all. Everything I ate was going down the toilet sink. My husband looked at me one morning, and I could see that he was worried. He held me and said, “babe, please try to eat. You look very skinny” I started crying, and I told him I was trying. Just blame the tears on pregnancy hormones because your girl is a hard girl.

My husband had to take me to the hospital on a Sunday morning because I was so weak that I couldn’t keep anything down, and the infection was still there. I got to the hospital, and they did a series of tests again and decided they would admit me. That was how I found myself collecting drips and injections for three days. They gave me more antibiotics, and honestly, the food I ate in that hospital was royal. I guess my baby understands royalty because fam, your girl did not throw up for one day, but the minute my husband brought food from the house, I would throw it up, so he stopped bringing food. Let me pause to thank my baby sister Adeyemi Victoria who had to come to stay with me and help me take care of the house.

I was discharged and given plenty of drugs. Well, the vomiting stopped but not completely. A week later, I found myself reacting to perfumes. Nobody could use perfume around me. Once I smelled it, I would throw up.

My favourite food became something I didn’t want to see. I would barely eat two spoons. I wasted food so much. My sister Adeoye Jumoke had to come around because Victoria was leaving; she had to go back to work. Jumoke made my life easier by helping in the house; thank you, baby girl.

Pregnant women, don’t try to do it by yourself. Take it easy on yourself. If you can get help, please do. Me sef dey advice pregnant women hehehehe.

Tomorrow, I will tell you all about month 3……