Dear Future Husband,

I prayed for you this morning. I asked God to watch over you as you go through this day. I told Him to grant you wisdom in the pursuit of your dreams and to work on you while we wait to become one.

I am the definition of a Proverbs 31 woman in the flesh; did I just write that? That is a lie: I am still growing into a completely balanced woman. The truth is, I still make silly mistakes and my mum still reminds me that I will get married soon, so I need to be better. Another thing is, God is not done with me yet.

Baby, I know you are not perfect either so we can use our imperfection to build a marriage that is beautiful! I want you to know that your past does not matter because Christ already forgave you; so I won’t hold your past against you and I hope you can do the same when it comes to mine.

I know you are the Ephesians 5 man: a man who yearns for the father, so I am confident that you will lead our family in the way of the Lord. You see, I know people have different opinions about me; some think I am proud, others think I am talkative, some even think I play too much, others just think I am secretive, while some think I am a flirt, but I know you are the best person to tell the world who I really am.

Baby, I know you are a man who will support and encourage my dreams and with you, my dreams can only get multiplied. I am also willing to carry your vision so that together, we can fulfil God’s mandate and purpose for our lives and relationship.

You have been given grace for this journey and when we are together, we will create magic and make our Father proud. I am not like the other women you have met: I am different, always ready to learn and eager to grow. I have been in different situations, met some bad eggs, but I am grateful because they have taught me to appreciate and love you better.

I am coming like a child; humble and open to learning. I am also coming like a mature and experienced woman, to work with you in building a great home. Someday, I will write books and dedicate them to you and our children. I will write about our marriage, to help inspire the next generation.

Together, we will take Jesus around the world and show people that good marriages still exist. I know we will have beautiful and smart children who we will raise in the way of the Lord.

Dear future husband, I look forward to the day I will look into your eyes and make that vow of commitment, to be right by your side for the rest of our lives, because I know our coming together is a blessing!

I want you to know that I love you already and with Jesus, we can overcome any challenge that may come our way.


Your future wife.



I wrote this letter to my future husband, and at the same time, for every single lady reading this; to know that the journey to the covenant is very important and the wait is always worth it. While we wait for the day we get to say “I do”, let us make a commitment to grow and pray for our future husbands; because when the Ephesians 5 man meets the Proverbs 31 woman, you can bet that marriage will be heaven on earth.

If you feel so lonely you need to know that you are not alone. I am your friend and we can always talk about it.

Until we meet again, which is very soon: I love you!

Your friend and sister,

Onome Omodara


  1. Honestly, I’m not even a man but I already feel like weeping your husband will feel so loved. You wire beautifully and you were able to convey who you are and your love for your future husband.

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