I was still very skinny, and my clothes were not fitting anymore. I could barely eat, and I remember my mom telling me it would get better, but omo, I can’t wait for the better days. I had my sister Jumoke helping me in the house, so it made things easier.

One morning, I remember going to school with my friend Ashley, and I started vomiting on the road; baby girl was so confused. Me sef I was embarrassed. We had to take Taxify home, and by the time I got home, I was so weak and pale. Ashley was also another support system that made this journey easier. She would always come around on weekends to help me in the house. Mehn, I can’t even deny the blessing called Ashley.

Me in month 3

Nothing prepared me for this pregnancy sha because it wasn’t easy. I missed my mom every day because I had a feeling if she had been around me, she would have found something; plus, that woman is a no-nonsense woman, but she would call every day and pray with me. My mother-in-law had to be the sweetest. She would call me every day and pray. These women made me feel safe all the time.

Month 3 was better because the vomiting reduced to maybe once in two days. The doctors told me to eat in smaller portions and that I should avoid the kitchen. Avoiding the kitchen was hard because I loved cooking, but I had to. Jumoke handled the cooking and brought my food to my room. The day I tried assisting her in the kitchen, ordinary Maggi smell made me throw up, so I respected myself and stayed in my room.

If you called any of these months and I did not pick up, this was why o. I couldn’t pick up calls because everything was a burden. I can’t help but say thank you to my friend Seyi. She was far away yet so close, she would check up on me, and in fact, it felt like we were both carrying the baby together. I still looked like a shadow of myself, but it was getting better because at least my vomiting reduced.

Tomorrow, I will tell you all about month 4

Thanks for sticking with me.


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