You know how you go about enjoying and shamelessly pursuing your purpose. I started 2021 that way; getting pregnant was not even in my goals. Please blame it on my career goals. I planned to use 2021 to sort out my career and venture into a new career path, but izz like pe God had other plans.

The day started like any regular Monday morning, but before then, I had been feeling dizzy, but it wasn’t a big deal because I feel dizzy when I am stressed. This Monday morning, I went to the office. I was fine and very active.

I had my food in my flask because I woke up early to cook; that was how active I was. I finished eating around ten, and before I knew what was going on, I started vomiting like a dog and felt so weak.

The next day, the scenario repeated itself, and I knew something was wrong. Let me tell you a back story, I react to food a lot, so I can’t just eat anywhere; when I eat what my body is uncomfortable with, I throw up and feel dizzy.

When it happened two days in a row, I decided to change my food, but the next day the story was the same, I kept vomiting every morning, but instead of feeling dizzy, I suddenly felt weak. My husband jokingly teased that I was pregnant, but we both waved it off.

 A week later, I was still vomiting, so I told myself pe let me go and do a pregnancy test. I bought a test kit, and the kit gave me a single line which meant negative. However,  I remembered reading somewhere that when the pregnancy is still early, the levels of a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) are not so high, so it is not visible; it is why a blood test is recommended so, ladies and gentlemen I could not be happy yet.

Three days later, we strolled to the laboratory to get a blood pregnancy test done, and it came out positive. I couldn’t place my feelings, but I knew I was not happy, and I was not sad. So many questions. Was I even ready to be somebody’s mother? Will I look sexy (blame this one on social media). I ran to tell my husband, and guess what? This young man started laughing. I still don’t get what’s funny. Something that we did together o, he looked at me and said congratulations. I was just dumbfounded. We were both in the same phase. The question was, are we really ready to be parents. I’m sure God was having a good laugh watching us.

We decided to tell our parents; those ones were just dramatic. My mother-in-law sang for more than 10 minutes, and I was just confused; mama was happier than any one of us. Then I called my mother, Revd of the year, my mother went all prophetic, and she said you have made me proud, hehehe, on top of this pregnancy. I have concluded that giving Nigerian parents grandchildren will always be the best gift because I didn’t get this reaction when I graduated from the university or got my first job. Their reactions brought me out of my shell, and I knew it was time to face reality.

That was how the journey began……………………..

I promise to give you all the juicy details about how it went down each month. So join me tomorrow as I take you through my 9-month pregnancy journey day by day.


  1. Congratulations sweetie 💞. I love and celebrate you. God bless and keep the new born in Jesus name

  2. Wao, awesome
    How parent feels when they become a grandma is out of this space; smiles

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