Do nothing, Get nothing, Be nothing!

When I was fourteen, I thought my life was so difficult. I mean I was just fourteen and I had a lot to do unlike many boys my age. At that time, I had to wake up as early as 4:30 am to help my Mama prepare food that she would later sell at the Motor Park. Being a male child did not exclude cooking and house chores in my house, my parents frowned at laziness of any kind, even girls had days they wash my father’s motor cycle. By 6.00 am, my mother would be at the park, my siblings and I would later help my father arrange the shop where he sells building materials. Every morning, we had to arrange the materials, displaying them outside the shop before 7.00am so as to meet up with early buyers. 

Bathing and eating only takes thirty minutes because my father would never hear that a child of his went late to school. After school, I attended extra lessons in a teacher’s house who had taken interest in me. He wanted me to enroll for a junior mathematics competition which would earn me a scholarship to one of the best science schools in the country at that time. My parents believed I should not just enroll for the competition but Pass excellently. I did not believe I should; I was doing well in my class and all was well with me even though I was not like Gabriel, my friend who had a less difficult life than mine. At least he didn’t have to wake up at 4:30 am nor do a number of house chores. Worse still, he was not forced to attend the rigorous lessons I had to attend. The last time we went to his house after school, that was before I went for my extra lessons. Lunch was already on the dining table waiting for him and after we ate his food, he switched on the TV and said he had some programmes he had to catch up with.

When I was coming back from the lesson that day, I was embittered, I wished I had Gabriel’s parents. They didn’t push him to do more than he did. He wasn’t part of the top ten in our class, but his parents were contented with his performance. I was one of the best three in my class and parents felt I could do more. Less I forget I didn’t tell you that after lessons, I had to help mama wash the plates used at the park while my siblings also help in picking beans, washing pepper and the likes. The News was the only TV programme we were allowed to watch on week days, after that, we all go the library to read. Sometimes our parents stay and pray with us after reading, other times they remain in the sitting room and call us for prayers afterwards. We were allowed to watch our favourite shows on weekends, even at that, we still had to read.

Ten years down the line, what I thought was a difficult life has paid off for me so tremendously. Now I don’t wake up to cook at 4:30 am anymore neither does my mama but my day starts at 4:30 am nonetheless.  The discipline my parents instilled in us has prepared us for the enviable places my siblings and I are now. They saw what we didn’t see; they pushed us to fill our capacity. I remember the last time I went home, my friend Gabriel whom I envied so much at that time now had his turn to envy my success. I thought the kind of parents he had were the best, but mine were and still are. My parents are enjoying their lives right now because they are indeed ‘eating the fruits of their labour’.

Oh, I eventually passed that junior mathematics competition and my life has not remained the same ever since. Actually, that was the last time my parents paid for my tuition. I had three full scholarship offers for my Masters in choicest universities and as it is now I am in the place every 24 year old wish they could be but are not. As for me, this is just the beginning because eyes hath not seen nor ears heard, what God has in store for me. If you feel your life is difficult now because of the price you have to pay to be successful and become what God has planned for you, I tell you the alternative is to do nothing and then you won’t get anything and then you won’t become anything. Your life and destiny is worth the price, so please do something, don’t be tired, then do more and do more and Keep flying high because that is where God wants you to nothing, get nothing

Be grateful for the things God didn’t give you

On a beautiful Saturday evening, I sat on my balcony, relaxing my tired body from the week’s work. I was glad I had no wedding or any ceremony to attend. It was just me having a good time in my own way. Thankful to God, the breeze was cool, so soothing it was to my tired head that I was beginning to doze off when I suddenly heard a shrill voice downstairs. It was the wailing of a child, I wanted to ignore it and just keep enjoying myself but the cry wouldn’t stop. So I bent over the handrails to shush the child but I just stood there watching, as the drama unfolded before me.

I saw the weeping child rolling on the floor, throwing tantrums and crying nonstop, I managed to listen to her words, she was shouting “give me my candy, give me my candy”. There was another older child trying to placate her while the oldest was inspecting the so called candy. Obviously the oldest child had snatched the candy from the youngest child now wailing. The older child was confused, while trying to placate the youngest child he was staring angrily at the oldest. All I wanted was to make them stop so I can get back to my relaxation but the drama hadn’t finished.

The oldest child shouted “David come here” the older child didn’t answer, he didn’t want to leave the wailing child. But the oldest called again, “David, are you deaf? I say come here now”! Still, he didn’t respond to the call. But as he saw him coming, he ran towards him and angrily mumbled ‘Yes’. The oldest looked him over, he even wanted to slap him but didn’t carry out his threat. All the while the wailing child didn’t stop, the oldest child drew David by his ears, reprimanding him sternly “Are you blind? Can’t you see that there is a hole in the candy you bought for our Daniella? Didn’t you hear when Mum told us to always check the things we buy very well before we leave the shop? Again, I can see an opening on the wrap, which means a sugar ant had gained access.” David was now remorseful, he saw that the fault was from him. So he bowed his head, avoiding the eyes of his brother “Now what are you going to do? The oldest child fired back “I will go and change it”. David said silently.

David took the candy from his elder brother and ran out of the compound, when the wailing child saw David taking the candy away, she increased her wailing again. The drama was interesting, I could not go back to my chair. While David was away, the oldest child looked away from the wailing child. The child looked at him judgingly but he stood there with his back turned to her. David ran into the compound with another piece of candy, he was elated as he ran towards his elder brother. The brother inspected the piece of candy over and over and certified it okay. “Now go and give your sister, he ordered”. The child rose silently as he saw David coming towards her, David gave her the candy and helped wiped her tears. The child stopped crying immediately and took the candy joyfully. The Oldest child smiled with satisfaction and walked inside while the girl started practicing some dance steps. Everything looked peaceful again.

I went back to my seat as I smiled to myself “what an episode!” I was Relaxed again and wanted to keep dozing off when the Holy Spirit started giving me some insights into the story.

When you ask God for something and he does not give you, it means it’s not right or good for you. When the candy was collected, it seemed the oldest child hated the youngest, but that was love. When she wailed and wailed, it seemed he didn’t care as he turned his back but he shared in that pain too. He didn’t want anything bad to happen to her by eating a seemingly infected candy. When God delays your request, he is only making sure that what he is giving you is the best and nothing but the best. And while God is at it, making sure that you have the best, no matter how hard you wail, roll on the floor, go without eating for days or even refuse to talk to him, he won’t pity you and give you the bad choice. Though your wailing is great, he will wait till all things are ready and are in their best condition so that your joy may be full indeed. So, some times when it seems God is delaying your answers, be grateful because he is working it out to give you the best and when you don’t seem to get what you want from God, be grateful for the things he didn’t give you. He has your best interests at heart and he won’t do anything to hurt you. Most Importantly, Remember that those times when it seems the pressure is unbearable and it seems you cannot take it any longer, please hang in there because your answer is only a step away. God is faithful, he will never forsake any of his own.

Credits: Bro Wole Olusanya, Coordinator, Family Life Seminar, Akure.