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I was in church some months ago and someone caught my attention, it was this particular young man he looked so joyous, his smile was so natural and captivating. I kept wondering, what exactly happened to him I’ve never seen him this happy. It was if my little sister could see through my mind she whispered to my ear “he is a changed man” I simply shook my head in agreement but deep within me I was willing to know what changed this young man.

That birthed this interview, this young man shared his story and then it occurred to me that a lot of people need to hear this story. This interview got me so emotional but not just that I picked up a lot of lessons.

Enjoy the story.

Onomewrites: You are my hommie and all that but for the sake of those who are just seeing or reading about you for the first time tell us something about you.

Ayodeji: Well, I am Ayodeji Banigbe, 24, from Ijara Isin, Kwara state. I am currently studying Transport Management in Lautech, Ogbomosho and I am a Christian. What more? 

 Onomewrites: That’s good so growing up as a child, what was your childhood dream?

 Ayodeji: Well, Dream? As a child, I just wanted to be great, apart from everybody wanting to be Doctors and engineers; I wanted to be an artist, as in to paint to be precise.

Onomewrites: So you loved painting as a child?

 Ayodeji: I’ll say drawing, pencil sketching, in primary 6 I sold a drawing of an aero plane to my mate for 30naria and for me that was a big deal (smiles)

Onomewrites: That sounds interesting so let’s fast forward to your growing up, what do you enjoy doing?

 Ayodeji: Enjoy? Hmm (thinks) I enjoy a lot of things, but music is number one, listening to it and making mine as well and for the rest of the what I enjoy doing list, I can list a million, I love good and intelligent conversation, meeting new people, traveling, and a little bit of fashion. EtcEtc


 Onomewrites: Wow…Talking about music, do you have any soundtrack you’ve done?

 Ayodeji: Well, I have a hand full. I kinda ‘sold out’ when I dropped my first project on campus in 2012 “Need For Spit (the mixtape)” it was a 12 tracks+ project (CDs) and again, in 2015, I released “Need For Spit 1.5 EP” (Online) and another single last year October 1st “Not In My Country” (Online) which is still the latest

 Onomewrites: You do have a hand full; I must really commend you well done. Talking about you doing music did you really get all the support you needed especially your parents?

 Ayodeji: Well, I gotta say I started out of the blues, so when I had recorded some songs I came home and played them to my folks. All they had to say was, just remember the son of who you are. I didn’t get any support as such but a while ago I released a track and my dad wasn’t cool with it because it wasn’t to glorify God He just kept it cool to let me follow my heart but he was excited when I became a Christian.

 Onomewrites: Talking about you becoming a Christian, for me that was like the best news when I saw you post something biblical on Instagram and then I saw you again and it was so real,  Please tell us what changed you?

 Ayodeji: To the glory of God as much as I can start to brag about the salvation through Christ. It cannot be overemphasized, John 6:44 will be the perfect response to that.

 Onomewrites: Wow, let me read John 6:44 (“No man can come to me, except the father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day”)

Onomewrites: Was it that you just opened the Bible or you got tired of your past, at what point did the change occur?

Ayodeji: Coming from a Christian home, the bible was always open but it came to a point where I knew deep down I was in the wrong crowd, the kind of people I attract, the kind of energy around me. I needed more, I need Jesus.

Onomewrites: I love that part! You knew you needed Jesus

 Onomewrites: You were hungry for more right? Did you find that Jesus by searching the scriptures or you went to church?

Ayodeji: Hungry will not point out the true feeling I had, I would say I was empty, powerless and poor. You understand?

 Onomewrites: Hmmm, I really understand

 Ayodeji: My early knowledge about Jesus was enough, I just said to myself “Jesus, Take over” that was June 12, 2016 and that morning I wrote down my confession and I still pray them every morning till now

Onomewrites: And Jesus took over. Can you tell us a little bit of your past?

Ayodeji: Did all the bad things our parent told us not to, but I haven’t murdered someone before (laughs)

 Onomewrites: What of drugs????

Ayodeji: Smoked weed, skunk, cigarette, alcohol, did pills of all sort and I sexed like food. I was a yahoo boy, just wasn’t the big boy on that I guess grace just found me and sort me out.

Onomewrites: Are you okay with me sharing your past with the world?

Ayodeji: I am unashamed

 Onomewrites: thank you and I really agree, it must have been grace so how has the journey with Jesus been?

 Ayodeji: It’s been wonderful. Every day I am watching out for something new

Onomewrites: Can you really describe the feeling that being with Jesus has given you?

 Ayodeji: I am feeling like superman.

 Onomewrites: (laughs)

 Ayodeji: I have got super powers now.

 Onomewrites: I love that, I’m sure you can’t trade that for any other thing.

Ayodeji: (smiles) I can’t!

Onomewrites: Talking about your music again. Do you plan to start doing gospel songs now and what’s your genre of music?

 Ayodeji: My only desire is to be fully transformed to the person of Jesus Christ. That was a question I battled with, with myself and my management company. It took me a long time to try and figure that out.  I had to wait for God’s direction, which He has been given by the power of the word.

 Ayodeji: I am a Hip pop artist. And if I say I will start doing “gospel song” I will be looked at as a praise worship artist which I am not.

 Onomewrites: Hmm

 Ayodeji: My watchword is from the book of Ephesians 4:29 “Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers”.

 Onomewrites: Hmm

 Ayodeji: And I know that Colossians 1:16 the last part says ” all things were created by him, and for him”

 Onomewrites: Hmmm TrueTrue

 Ayodeji: So, I am going to make music inspired by God through His word and all the wonderful things He created and that includes my salvation.

 Onomewrites: I’m sure a lot of people would be glad to hear such music

Ayodeji: But on top of everything, expect the bitter truth, the unapologetic ones, the Paul kinda approach. The Lord will help us all.

Onomewrites: (Amen) I think we all need the truth!

 Onomewrites: Finally, what would you like to say to the wonderful people who are reading this

Ayodeji: Nothing much really. I will say with all of my heart right now that “Everybody needs Jesus” And that without Christ we are nothing. I think it’s time we begin to make Jesus famous. I wish I could try to code things but the truth is the truth.

Onomewrites: We all need Jesus. Thank you so much for time. 

Ayodeji: To the glory of God. I’m honoured.

After the interview with Ayodeji it occurred to me that God is still in the business of sorting people out and bringing them to Himself, Ayodeji is just one of those grace has found. It’s never too late grace is always available.

Keep making exploits.
Omodara Onome