“With realization of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one’s ability one can build a better world” – Dalai Lam
As a young girl I battled with a low self-esteem for a very long while, I felt I was not wanted I thought I was not beautiful enough and it naturally affected the way people were relating with me. I was bullied and treated anyhow by friends when I was younger because I thought I was nobody.
The English Dictionary defines Self-worth as “The value one assigns to oneself or one’s ability in self-assessment. It is the value you place on yourself; your self-worth defines who you are.

Low self-esteem is capable of making you feel ordinary it’s able to make you feel less, I was miserable till I found my self-worth until I found who I was people never valued me. The point is you will always be treated the way you treat yourself.

People’s opinion about you should never reduce your self-worth nobody has a right over you, the truth is you owe yourself the best and nobody should make you feel less not your parents, not your siblings not even your spouse.

Your self-worth comes from you, if you ever had to wonder why you are being treated like nobody why you are not valued then it’s high time you built your self-confidence, it’s time to increase your self-worth.


“We cannot think of being acceptable to others until we have first proven acceptable to ourselves (Malcolm X)”. The world sees you the way you see yourself when you are look at the mirror every morning let me ask you who do you see? If you see a great man the world will see a great man and if you see otherwise that is exactly what the world will see.
A lot of people’s self-worth reduces when challenges come knocking on their door or after they have failed. Just because you have failed has not made you a failure. Failure is just a stepping stone to your greatness it should increase your self-worth and not reduce it because you are not ordinary.
Self-worth boosts your self-confidence when you know what you worth nobody can treat like you are nothing, when you know your worth then it helps you to know that you can do anything to the best of your ability. You are so intelligent and unique but you need to stand up and find your worth.


Young lady if you know your worth no man can treat like you are a piece of rag and still expect you to be with him and young man if you also know your worth no woman should treat you like you are a toy that she’s managing. You are not meant to be pitied and managed.
You are a big deal and you are very important so don’t allow mistakes, inabilities and failure keep you in bondage find what you makes you unique and be who you are designed to be.

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world (Lucille Ball)”. Falling in love is very important if you want others to love you then you need to start loving yourself. Self-love will boost your self-worth. Until I loved who I was nobody valued me and every day I’ve never stopped loving the beautiful lady I see in the mirror. Make it a habit to say sweet things to yourself, tell yourself you are a big deal and I bet your self-worth and value will keep increasing.
It does not matter where you are now don’t allow the failures and mistakes of your past define who you are or who you will be. Stand up and raise your head up high because you are a very important person and you’ve got a great future.

Don’t suffer in silence if you ever need a friend to talk to just send a mail to and let’s talk it out, you don’t need to cry alone you are so special.

See you at the top.
I love you and I believe in you.

Omodara Onome
Relationship and Life coach.

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  1. Great write up Onome. The feeling of “not good for enough” and in severe cases “not good at all” is like anxiety disorder. We have all been through it,some are there right now and some will be there tomorrow. This post is a prophylactic and therapeutic approach to this disorder. Thanks for blessing us with this piece.

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