This was a beautiful month. My bump was already visible, and I did not enjoy going out as much because I didn’t want anyone to know I was pregnant, lol. It is not for any spiritual reason. I’m just that kind of person who hates showing my workings. I want the world to see the results and be wowed. I would rather talk about the process, but pregnancy said, “No, baby, not this time; the world gotta see the workings.”

This was the end of the year, so everyone was preparing to travel home for the festive season, but all thanks to pregnancy, we had to sit down in Lagos and look for ways to entertain ourselves.

December 2021

One evening, I suggested to my husband that we should go for a two-day vacation after Christmas. Surprisingly, he said yes (Going out stresses that, man, we complement each other well because I hate going out too, lol, I was not expecting a Yes). He told me to pick a location and let him know how much it cost. I was so happy.

I woke up the following day and started searching, I found one within our budget, and I was so excited. Well, something happened that shattered my dreams. My laptop of more than three years decided to crash; boy, that was devastating. I had a lot of deliverables, and I didn’t even know what to do.

I decided to borrow my friend’s laptop since she had an official system she uses at work, but the problem was that she was travelling and she had to take her laptop with her. She gave me for some days so that work could continue.

My sweet husband went to Ikeja some days later and got me another laptop. He had been saving up to get an external screen to help him work faster and easier, he planned on getting the screen in January, but he had to use the money for his screen and even pulled out his savings to get me this laptop. I wanted to cry (blame it on pregnancy hormones) because I was shocked. I didn’t even know how to thank him.

Ladies and gentlemen, you know what that means, I had to give up my vacation dream, and I was contented because this man had gone out of his way to make me happy. We decided to have a house party.

With the help of my friend Ashley, I cooked some sumptuous jollof rice, gizdodo, croaker fish coated in sauce and Chapman. It was a full menu; even though I knew it was stressful, it was all worth it. I had another dizzy episode some days later, so I was forced to take some compulsory rest.

December 2021

One episode I won’t forget in a hurry was feeling pains in my lower abdomen, I can’t describe the pain, but it was hell. I couldn’t do anything, I have a high threshold for pains (maybe not so high), but you rarely find me crying about pains. This time I cried like a baby. I could not sleep. Nothing was working, my husband tried giving me massages, but it wasn’t working. My sweet friend Ashley didn’t even know what to do, I hate to see them worried about me, but I couldn’t pretend I was in pain for the first time.

When the pain refused to stop, I found my way to the hospital. I did a scan, and it showed the baby was fine. The doctor gave me a reason for the pain and prescribed some pain killers. I took the painkillers, and I felt better the next day.

I also had a mini gender reveal party with my husband, and Ashley was behind the camera. Keeping him in suspense about the gender was the sweetest thing. He would ask me if I’ve changed my mind, and he would say something like, “Hey, you won’t tell me now so that I know how to structure my prayers for the baby” I would laugh and tease him.

About a week later, we had the balloon set up, and I asked him to punch it as we did a gender reveal party. It was simple, sweet and funny. My husband had no preference for gender; all that mattered to him was that we were going to be parents!

I was happy to be back, but at the same time, the doctor warned me to take things easy, so I had to take a lot of time to rest. Before I knew it, it was cross-over night, and I was the happiest.

I started the year with no plans of getting pregnant, but God definitely had bigger plans. 2021 was a year I won’t forget, I couldn’t achieve much, but I was grateful to do the little but, more importantly, for this baby growing every day in my stomach.

That sums up month 5. Let’s meet with our popcorn tomorrow as I give all that went down in month 6.


Welcome to my month of Victory hehehehe. This was the beginning of sweetness. The vomiting stopped totally, and I could see the world. This was the month I could say I started loving my baby. I registered and started my antenatal.

This was also the month I met someone special. I call her “My Elizabeth”; she is Damilola Agboola; this woman was heaven-sent. We met at church house fellowship, she reached out to me after our first meeting, but I was still not in the mood. It was in our second meeting we bonded and became sisters. She just had a baby, so she could relate and connect with me.

Damilola fed me like a baby and treated me like a queen. She would pray with me and check up on me. There was a time I battled with fear. I had terrible dreams, and each time I told her, she would say to me, “you can’t lose this baby Onome”.

Month 4 look.

Feeding was better, but the challenge with month 4 was dizziness. If I do anything stressful, I will start feeling dizzy and throw up. I don’t know how to stay still; that was why the first three months were hard. I always want to be busy. I remember how I fell one evening in my bathroom. I was stressed this particular day. We were renovating the house, so there was a lot of moving. I was not comfortable seeing Jumoke and my husband do everything, so I went to join them. I also had to read for my exams, so I was stressed.

All I could remember was opening the shower. The next thing was that I found myself on the floor. I screamed for my husband, and he had to come carry me. My head and arm were bleeding. To make it worse, I threw up everything I ate that night. I became so weak. Once I knew stress was a problem, I avoided it because feeling dizzy was no fun.

This was the month my dad turned 70. Since the beginning of the year, I looked forward to this, but pregnancy happened, which meant I couldn’t be there physically. My siblings and I planned a surprise for him, so I really wanted to be there, but because of the dizzy episodes, I knew I had to sit down in Lagos.

My brothers made sure I didn’t miss out of the fun. We were on video calls and phone calls throughout the day; even though I couldn’t be there physically, I saw my old man look so happy, which was fun for me.

My stomach was growing, and I gradually added the weight I had lost in the first trimester. Life was good!

Tomorrow, I will tell you all about month 5.


I was still very skinny, and my clothes were not fitting anymore. I could barely eat, and I remember my mom telling me it would get better, but omo, I can’t wait for the better days. I had my sister Jumoke helping me in the house, so it made things easier.

One morning, I remember going to school with my friend Ashley, and I started vomiting on the road; baby girl was so confused. Me sef I was embarrassed. We had to take Taxify home, and by the time I got home, I was so weak and pale. Ashley was also another support system that made this journey easier. She would always come around on weekends to help me in the house. Mehn, I can’t even deny the blessing called Ashley.

Me in month 3

Nothing prepared me for this pregnancy sha because it wasn’t easy. I missed my mom every day because I had a feeling if she had been around me, she would have found something; plus, that woman is a no-nonsense woman, but she would call every day and pray with me. My mother-in-law had to be the sweetest. She would call me every day and pray. These women made me feel safe all the time.

Month 3 was better because the vomiting reduced to maybe once in two days. The doctors told me to eat in smaller portions and that I should avoid the kitchen. Avoiding the kitchen was hard because I loved cooking, but I had to. Jumoke handled the cooking and brought my food to my room. The day I tried assisting her in the kitchen, ordinary Maggi smell made me throw up, so I respected myself and stayed in my room.

If you called any of these months and I did not pick up, this was why o. I couldn’t pick up calls because everything was a burden. I can’t help but say thank you to my friend Seyi. She was far away yet so close, she would check up on me, and in fact, it felt like we were both carrying the baby together. I still looked like a shadow of myself, but it was getting better because at least my vomiting reduced.

Tomorrow, I will tell you all about month 4

Thanks for sticking with me.



This was a very dramatic month; I felt I would die at some point. The vomiting increased, and I had to visit the hospital. I was told I couldn’t register for antenatal until week 12 or 13, which was after month 3. The doctor ran some tests, and they discovered I had an infection.

I felt like crying; you mean, I  have an infection with all I’m going through. The doctor said they found some blood in my urine, so they had to place me on antibiotics immediately. The two weeks I spent using antibiotics was terrible. I was losing weight terribly because I couldn’t eat anything.

My mini birthday party

It was this same month I had my birthday. My husband had a lot planned out, but unfortunately, I was not in good shape. I had lost a lot of weight, so I looked terrible. I couldn’t eat anything; all the food he got for me couldn’t stay in my stomach. I felt for my husband because he got my birthday party all figured out.

I spent my mornings crying because the infection made me itchy and my stomach hurt. Using the drugs was worse, and I just couldn’t wait for everything to go away. I was not even interested in praying. I felt so lonely because I had no pregnant friend around me.

Pregnancy can be a very lonely journey; please, if you can find a young mother around you that you can trust, talk to her. I remember speaking to a friend whose baby was just one year old. Shout out to you, Mary Oladapo. This lady helped me stay calm and shared her experience with me. After listening to her story, I knew I was not alone but all along, I was silently praying for another friend in Nigeria because Mary is in London.

Well, vomiting took a severe turn, and I couldn’t keep food in my stomach at all. Everything I ate was going down the toilet sink. My husband looked at me one morning, and I could see that he was worried. He held me and said, “babe, please try to eat. You look very skinny” I started crying, and I told him I was trying. Just blame the tears on pregnancy hormones because your girl is a hard girl.

My husband had to take me to the hospital on a Sunday morning because I was so weak that I couldn’t keep anything down, and the infection was still there. I got to the hospital, and they did a series of tests again and decided they would admit me. That was how I found myself collecting drips and injections for three days. They gave me more antibiotics, and honestly, the food I ate in that hospital was royal. I guess my baby understands royalty because fam, your girl did not throw up for one day, but the minute my husband brought food from the house, I would throw it up, so he stopped bringing food. Let me pause to thank my baby sister Adeyemi Victoria who had to come to stay with me and help me take care of the house.

I was discharged and given plenty of drugs. Well, the vomiting stopped but not completely. A week later, I found myself reacting to perfumes. Nobody could use perfume around me. Once I smelled it, I would throw up.

My favourite food became something I didn’t want to see. I would barely eat two spoons. I wasted food so much. My sister Adeoye Jumoke had to come around because Victoria was leaving; she had to go back to work. Jumoke made my life easier by helping in the house; thank you, baby girl.

Pregnant women, don’t try to do it by yourself. Take it easy on yourself. If you can get help, please do. Me sef dey advice pregnant women hehehehe.

Tomorrow, I will tell you all about month 3……


Let me start by saying pregnancy is a beautiful experience, and I think it should be compared to having a cultural shock. One minute you are surprised, and the next minute, you adjust. I know I said getting pregnant was not in my plan for 2021, but the truth was that I had battled with fear for a long time. Fear that I would never get pregnant, I was always worried when I had any health challenge. I would cringe when anyone teased me about pregnancy because it was a major fear. I will share the whole story of how I overcame this fear and how God gave us this miracle in my next podcast episode; please don’t miss it.

This was me in Month 1

You know how Nollywood prepares you for pregnancy. When you see someone running to the toilet to vomit then you know she is pregnant. Errhm, in my case, nothing prepared me for the morning sickness and throwing up. I became so pale and tired. The minute I eat, I must throw up. I did not like myself. Well, I lost my job this month, so I don’t have to go to the office (you can read the full gist here). I stayed in bed. I tried doing my regular duties, but I got tired easily. Forget all the English. There is nothing fun about throwing up and morning sickness. I watched myself fall in love with that yellow crackers biscuit. The biscuit they cannot dash me on a normal day; nonsense and ingredient. My husband did not understand how I was feeling; uncle turned it to spiritual warfare, he would pray and expect me not to vomit again, but no, it’s like it became worse. I had zero energy, and I was gradually losing weight.

When next you see a pregnant woman, please render some support because mehn this journey is not easy. The worse part was that I couldn’t pray. I just wanted to be in bed all day.

Praying was hard, but I made sure I talked to God because there were days the devil brought thoughts to my head that I would not carry this pregnancy to the end, but my strength was in God. I won’t sugarcoat and tell you it was easy. It was not easy. I would spend some mornings crying after throwing up. It was so painful watching my husband cook, and then I vomited it. It was an experience, but looking back, it was all worth it.

The beautiful thing about month one was doing a scan; even though the baby was not so visible and I couldn’t see anything, the feeling was surreal. It was so beautiful to see life growing inside of me. I still wasn’t so happy because morning sickness was not joking.

Let’s meet tomorrow as I tell you all about month 2.