Mobade was that kind of young man, he could eat anywhere, from anyone, at anytime, in any manner, in as much as it is food. Simisola thought it was a joke when they were courting, she just felt it would pass, thinking perhaps; it was because he was single. Some of her friends had complained to her about it, but she just brushed it aside “there is no perfect man”, she told them. But here they are now; three years down the marriage line and Mobade still collects food from friends and colleagues as if he was still in the primary school where begging for food was part of being a pupil.

The recent was when he collected plantain chips from an IT student in his office, Simi walked into the scene and was shocked to see her husband in such a degrading manner. If anything, he was supposed to be the one giving the younger girl something and not collecting from her, this was not just being friendly; some of her husband’s colleagues had notified her that such behaviour of his could make him loose respect in the workplace but mobade has never seen anything wrong in what he does. In fact he sees it as being free with people and being open minded.

When Simi walked into the recent “food collecting” her husband quickly excused himself from the scene but not without telling the IT student “remain small for me o”.


“Why do you keep disgracing me and your family members” Simi raged the moment her husband got back home but Mobade starred at her as if she was not in her right senses. Frustrated, Simi opened the cooler of food she had prepared, took a handful of the vegetable rice and forced it down the throat of the man she had vowed to commit to, all the days of her life  “foolish man, here, eat and die” and this led to series of argument, names calling and battering.

For days, neither spoke to each other and this went into months, no one created the room for reconciliation, but Simi was hopeful that this will at least make him sober so as to turn a new leave. On the contrary, this plunged Mobade further into his detestable habit; it was during this time that he met Sandra, a desperate single lady looking for anything called a man to be her husband. By every standard, she was that kind of woman who would cook and the street will begin to vibrate with aroma, she was that of woman whom you would want to eat her food again and again. So getting hooked to Mobade was so cheap to her, she had never understood the phrase “on a platter of gold” until she met mobade who could forget himself, the moment food was set before him.

When she notified her mother of her unusual luck, work had quickly began on his case and before anyone could say……. Sandra had become pregnant, wedding had been arranged in another city for both of them, they needed no family attendance, all was arranged by the mother. Of course Mobade was no longer the man Simi married, he didn’t even know what was happening to him, he only answered to Sandra and her mother. It was at this time, Simi and the rest of his family members began to seek divine intervention for his release from the hold of Sandra and her mother.

Truly, God will divinely intervene in difficult situations but how better would it have been, if he had been involved from the beginning. Finally when Mobade realized he had been dining with the devil, he had become the father of two unplanned children, the husband of a manipulator, three years of his life had been wasted by the enemy, he didn’t even know where to start from or what to do next. Food now became so irritating to him and even hated the sight of it but it was already late, better, if he had hated it the moment he realized that the path he toed could adversely affect his future. It would have been better if he had made the decision he was making now back then when everyone advised him, and it would have been the best if Simi had taken matters to God, at the time she realized it was beyond human efforts to convince her husband from eating as he willed.

I pray for myself and the shinning star reading this that God will help us to be disciplined in the areas of little things we often overlook; such as eating as one wills.

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