Three things you must not be ignorant about!

There are three things you can’t be ignorant about as a shining light in your generation:

ONE: who you are! (Identity) You must get your identity from Christ, let not your circumstances or background or your failures define you. Do you know who you are?

TWO: what you have! (Resources) You must know where your resources are drawn from. We have a God who cares, His name is Jehovah, the ALL

BREASTY ONE. He has all we ever need and he is ever willing to give us all things.

THREE: what you can do? (Capacity)  we can do all things through Christ who strenghtens us, Yea in all these things we are more conquerors! From now on there must be an alignment between how God sees you and How you see yourself. Simple, how God sees us is in the bible, How we see

ourselves is by reading and doing what we see in the Bible. Have a beautiful weekend.

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