Who is in your circle?

‘Molade checked herself for the “God know knows how many times’’, in the mirror, each time was harder than the previous. She needed to appear ‘up to standard’ enough for the seminar presentation. This wasn’t her first nor second but ever since the twenty second of January, two thousand and seven, she has known better to always dress attractively and conduct herself perfectly or else it would be bad episodes after that.


Her shoes were polished till it sparked, makeup and hair was just perfect like a picture, and the dress had no other definition but cute. Nails had been manicured a day ago, and certainly no food twenty four hours before today, though she felt hunger pangs but that won’t be compared to the accolades if she did appear on her best. She didn’t have the time to rehearse her lines of introduction, main points and conclusion, all she concentrated on was her appearance. When time ran out on her, she stepped out of the house and into the car where the company’s driver had been waiting two hours ago.

She couldn’t get the right words out of her mouth when the driver complimented her looks for fear that something might go wrong with everything she had invested so much to put together. The driver in a way tried to chat her up, he could speak good English and was smiling all the way as if driving her gave him pleasure but she couldn’t just bring herself to talk, they will never understand why she did it and that might affect the way the rest of the day will go.

She heaved a sigh of relief when she saw the bravura Adelaja Williams hall, protocols were everywhere directing people and participants were trooping in, she smiled slightly, these people were waiting for her as the main speaker of the event. Her years of experience, expertise, poise and charm  earned her the position of the public relations executive of the nation’s first class mobile communications company- Xiantel communications and today she will tell the gross section of participants how a product can sustain a long lasting reputation in the competitive market.

“Well this is not all there is to me, In case you needed reminding, my name is ‘Molade Akolade, age thirty one, and engaged to be married to Adefemi Williams, regional manager and son to the CEO Xiantel communications.”

(to be continued)

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