When Jemimah sent me a message that she would like me to share her story, to be honest I didn’t think she would have this great courage but somehow she summoned the courage and today I’m giving you the details of how she dealt with an addiction, I was touched listening to her but I knew it was because God wanted to use her for her generation and I’m so glad she said yes to God.

 Grab your bottle of Fanta and read.

Enjoy the interview

Onomewrites: Tell me something about yourself?

Jemima: I am Jemima, 24, a graduate of mining engineering, I’m a professional baker and I’m the last child of my parents 

Onomewrites: that makes you the baby of the house, that’s very nice. So tell me, what was growing up like?

Jemima: Growing up for me was very cool; I grew up with my sisters, we are all girls. My dad had to travel because of the nature of his job but I always had mum around.

Onomewrites: that’s beautiful, tell me what exactly were you addicted to?

Jemima: Pornography, it was like my life depended on it. I was so into it that it graduated from being a habit to an addiction.

Onomewrites: For how long were you into it?

Jemima: 7 years, it was the darkest years of life. I lived in shame and defeat, I felt so dirty especially when I had to take a programme in church.

Onomewrites: wow…. I’m really trying to see how you felt and I can say it must have been tough

Jemima: you can say that again.

Onomewrites: How did it all begin?

Jemima:  My boyfriend at that time asked me to download games on a particular website and somehow I found pornography and that was I became so used to visiting the site before I knew it I couldn’t do without it.

Onomewrites: after watching it what happens to you?

Jemima: I feel excited and sometimes I feel so exhausted that I sleep off

Onomewrites: how exactly did you get over it?

Jemima: Getting over it was not so easy, it was a serious battle. I got born again in 2007 but I took my journey with the lord seriously in 2010 and so the devil kept reminding me all the time of how much of a mess I was. I tried for years to stop but I couldn’t, I could go for months without viewing and then view it again months later. 

I got tired of doing it so I became determined, I cried out to God for help and I looked for messages that was related to breaking bad habits, I followed the instructions then I read articles from people that got freed, I was intentional about not viewing so I got busy. There were times the urge would come, I try to get busy there are times I would sleep, read, watch movies, call or chat then I kept reminding God to deliver me because I knew He is the greatest deliverer. Today I am totally free 

Onomewrites: that’s a big testimony and i must say congratulations. Getting over an addiction is not always easy but I’m glad you conquered and decided to share your story.

Onomewrites: let me ask you, what gave you the confidence to share your story?

Jemima: I have been having a leading to talk about how the lord helped me, I guess there are people who need to read and know that they are not alone and I am not ashamed to share my story,for me it is a testimony.

Onomewrites: what is advice do you have to those who are going through such an addiction?


Know that you are not alone

Be determined to stop the act

Seek help

Voice out: if you don’t voice out you will keep suffering in silence when there are people who can help you, but at the same time be very sensitive, it’s not everybody you can talk to.

Read articles from those that got freed

Listen to messages

Seek God’s help

Onomewrites: Jemima, where do yourself in three years?

Jemima: (Smiles) in my husband’s house surrounded by my children and most importantly affecting lives positively.

Onomewrites: I must commend you for reaching out to me to share your story; it’s such a great courage. I pray for wisdom in all you do.

Jemima: Thank you for having me, Amen to your prayers. God bless you ma.

Statistics show that over 650,000,000 searches for pornsites have been conducted online since the first of 2015 ( that’s to tell that a lot of people are addicted to this particular habit and we can’t fold our hands and watch, if there is a time to talk about it then it is now.

I understand it is hard to seek for help especially in a world where your secrets are not safe even in the church but don’t because of that allow the devil to cheat on you, you can get over that useless addiction but you need to be determined.

God is always ready to help, the bible says He is a very present help in trouble (Psalms 46:1b) but God will never force his way, all you need to do is to call on him and He will answer. Don’t suffer in silence, the devil has cheated you enough, get up and call on Jesus, he will gladly help you.

Further study: Download the novel Broken by ufuomaee on Okada books, it is free and it will help you further and if you need a counselor then I’m just a message away.

I love you!

Your friend and sister,

Omodara Onome 

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