The value of time

Every man who has a dream has two phases to go through, the first phase is the DREAM PHASE this is the phase where you start nursing your dream, where you start imagining where you want be and the second phase is the MANIFESTATION PHASE, this phase comes when your good dreams have come to pass when you are really fulfilled.


There is something between the dream and manifestation phase and that is “TIME” your dreams will not come to pass in one day, one great investment God gave every human being equally is time, it is how productive your time is that determines how and when your manifestation will take place. A lot of people spend their own time complaining, grumbling and lamentation and they might never achieve anything good, just because you failed the first time you attempted something does not mean you are a failure, you need to try again.
I know you have big dreams and it looks as if it will not to come to pass, I want to ask you what are you doing with the gift of time you’ve been given? You need to give yourself time and be diligent you don’t have to rush things because if you manifest before the actual time I’m afraid you will soon be forgotten. The phase of time is a great determinant of how your manifestation will be, you need to invest your time in productive things, plan your dreams, set goals be determined and be diligent. God is not a magician but He is a miracle worker, he doesn’t bless empty hands, he only adds to what is in your hands so as to multiply, stop being so lazy you need to wake up and be diligent. Every great man is a good investor of time, Cristiano Ronaldo spent all his time practicing and learning new skills in football and he ended up becoming the world best footballer in 2013, It was Malcolm Gladwell who said in his book Outliers that there are no geniuses, the world is filled with men who have dedicated their time in hours of practice to be a better person.  You’ve all it takes to succeed stop complaining and start working.


Charles Darwin said “A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of time” you need to stop wasting your time and energy over irrelevant things you need to get up and pursue your dreams, your good dreams will definitely come pass, it doesn’t matter how many times you have failed you need to get and move on, it’s not time to cry and lament it’s time to move on and dream again. You are a success don’t settle for less! Don’t waste your time invest it so that you are reap the good dividends tomorrow.
I believe in you!
God bless you!!!

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