A Special Day

The day she had dreamt of all her life was here, that special day every young girl dreams of, that day every lady fantasizes about. she felt so delighted and elated she looked so beautiful in her beautiful white wedding gown, her best friend was right behind her holding her flowing gown it was so obvious that her dad was so proud of her as he held her hands with pride and led her into the church with hundreds of people standing up awaiting her arrival the organist played silently the tune “Here comes the bride” to welcome her, her prince charming was looking dashingly handsome in his black tux with a touch of coral colour he flashed a beautiful smile at her that made her blush for a second, it just felt so right she was the happiest woman in the world not just being her wedding day but it was the day she would become one with the man she loved and honoured right in front of families and friends it was indeed a dream come true!


I bet more than half of the single ladies reading this are already imagining themselves in this story, you are already feeling like a bride already it’s a day every single lady dreams of, a day she will read her vow to be committed to just one man he’s not just a man he will be called her king, her husband but above all a man she loves and loves her back. Aloma wright once said “I hear people talk all the time about how beautiful a woman is when she becomes a mother but take it from me a woman who had three beautiful kids to look after all day, it’s on her wedding day when she is the most beautiful she is never more pretty, happier and more in love all at the same time than she is on that day!!


The most exciting thing about this day is the romantic evening that follows when she is all alone with her knight, her prince and of course her husband in her sexy lingering ready to give all her body to this man of course they’ve been pronounced one and so he has all the right to see her naked, it’s their first night together she has looked forward to this day for a very long time! It was her wedding night!


Sweetheart, Your wedding day and your first night will become more beautiful if you have waited, a strong lady waits, don’t be in haste about it. Can you imagine that your dad decides to surprise you with a Toyota Camry for Christmas, he hides it carefully but you secretly take it out of the hiding place and try it out on the 22nd of December then on the Christmas day you have to act as if you are surprised and joyful but the holiday is colourless and empty. Motherhood is much more interesting and exciting when you have it right inside wedlock. Don’t allow your feelings to deceive you and push you into trying out, don’t lose the fun, excitement and joy you will have for a long time over a feeling of pleasure that will last for just an hour. The wait is always worth it!


if you have made a mistake it’s okay don’t feel so bad about it just get up and move on, make up your mind to keep your legs closed and keep it for the right man!


Remember, a strong lady is one that waits. Your wedding day and weeding night is worth waiting for, it’s your special day so keep it special!

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