FATHERS: OUR HEROES!
The world is so busy paying attention to different things that we often times forget there is a gender called “MEN”, we have forgotten “FATHERS” it takes a lot to be a man, a lot of responsibilities is attached to being a father. But who exactly is a father?


Fathers are pillars that we all lean on, God calls them the head so they are meant to be the leaders of their various homes, they have a call of God upon their lives to hold their families together and to teach their kids moral values and respect God.
The truth is that some of us grew up having fathers who neglected their responsibilities and messed up big time and while some of us had wonderful fathers who we look up to and the rest of us grew up with no father maybe because he walked away or because he died, in any category you find yourself don’t blame God or blame anybody or hate your father. “When one has not had a good father, one must create one” (Friedrich Nietzsche) the best you can do is to make up your mind to be a better father, a loving husband and your children’s best friend.


Be a man who your kids will want to talk about when they get to school and even amongst their friends, when you teach your kids to follow God you have no cause to worry because you know they are safe. When God made man he made a lot of destinies with him. It’s not enough to be a man with hormones because any fool can impregnate a woman but a wise man builds his home.
It’s okay to have the swag, I know you want to be that handsome dude with the six packs girls are tripping for but let me be real with you for a minute that isn’t enough because years from now your six packs will not matter anymore, I know you are the big boy, your friends call you the play boy and you are feeling so fly about it but years from you are going to have beautiful daughters and handsome sons what do you want them to learn from you, do you really want your sons to be like you and your daughters messing up with men like you? I think you need to think twice.


I strongly believe and trust God that we will have a generation whose hearts are sold out to God and whose duty is to love God and take full responsibility and good care of their family, I look forward to we having men who will be their daughter’s  best friends, men their daughters can trust when he approves a man, men who will teach their daughters to be an Esther in her generation and their sons to be a Joshua in his generation, men who will teach their kids to be just like Jesus and of course men who their wives will be willing to submit to not only because it is God’s command but because she has reasons to submit to, men who their wives will adore and treasure for the rest of their lives together. A true man is strong but tender.
I join the rest of the world to celebrate every man, all potential fathers and every father, I challenge every father who has not been a faithful husband or father to take up your responsibilities and be the best you were made to be.
Even if you had the best dad you can always be an outstanding father, so it doesn’t really matter who your father was what matters what kind of father do you want to be?
Thank you daddies for paying our transport fare to the world you have given us support when we felt like giving up. You are special to us. You are our hero!
Celebrating Fathers!
Happy father’s day!!!!!

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